It’s a complex task but for businesses managing their software assets and having to deal with a relentless stream of the latest software applications, it can often take you away from your core business.  Help is at hand when companies take the leap into outsourcing their Software Asset Management.

Software Asset Management is essentially the practice of managing and optimising software.  While it can play a major part in the operational performance of your company, most companies either don’t have the time, expertise or an in-house IT team to keep on top of this ever-evolving area of their business.

The right software can make life easier for any business but if you don’t have the staff to ensure things run smoothly, the value of this expensive kit soon starts to diminish.  A half-hearted attempt at managing software assets can have disastrous results for any business which is why companies can benefit from outsourcing to the right provider.

Companies like Inspired can relieve the burden by offering a high level of expertise and a pool of resources which would be expensive to replicate in-house.  Software asset management requires extensive knowledge of software product use rights, license entitlements and compliance as well as the ability to track usage and manage contracts.

Inspired can help you reap the benefits, giving you a more cost effective and rationalised licensing solution, peace of mind compliance, improved ROI and the visibility and management of an intangible asset.

Software is an essential part of every business, providing applications to run your business and keeping it secure from outside threats.  Optimising these assets is not easy.  Isn’t it about time you allowed an expert to help you take control of your software estate?