In the ever evolving world of business, presenting slide after slide of static information during meetings or training sessions can often be a turn off and spell boredom for participants.  So what are the options when it comes to creating a more vibrant, engaging and dynamic presentation in the corporate world?

It’s possible to turn your working environment into a more collaborative one with the TRIUMPH BOARD range of interactive whiteboards and touchscreens.  Innovative, easy to use and proven to enhance presentation effectiveness, TRIUMPH BOARD is changing the way businesses, employees and customers communicate.

First released in 1991, the interactive whiteboard is not just a must-have tool in schools but is also proven in the corporate world.  But it’s important they can stand up to the task of being used day in, day out. The TRIUMPH BOARD MULTI Touch (available in 78”, 89” and 96” screen sizes) is the best-in-class interactive whiteboard with a ceramic steel surface that is antibacterial and anti-vandal – with cradle to cradle certification.

Connecting to a computer through a fast USB 2.0 interface or 2.4 GHz wireless radio technology, the MULTI Touch interactive whiteboard is literally just ‘plug-and-play’ so is easy for employees to set up. Allowing four users to write, draw and move objects, or two users to resize and rotate two objects simultaneously, it makes the boardroom more interactive and enhances efficiency.

When used in conjunction with the ULTRA Touch Interactive Whiteboard range, Interactive Projectors are an ideal way to further improve the interactivity during meetings.  Designed with the user in mind, both the PJ3000i UST-W DLP and PJ2000i UST DLP projectors deliver incredible brightness and extensive connectivity, as well as clear and bright images and sound for almost any business environment.

Interactive touchscreens provide an effective presentations tool for showing images, data, presentations and ideas. With interaction such a crucial element in the corporate world, presenters can easily include their ‘audience’ in the meeting with direct computer control through an LED LCD MULTI Touch.

The TRIUMPH BOARD MULTI Touch LED LCD Android Series offers all the benefits of traditional interactive touchscreens as well as new features including ULTRA HD and FULL HD resolution, an embedded android board and integration with TRIUMPH CLOUD software.

For any audio visual system to be effective, it will be reliant on high quality software that is easy to understand and operate. In order to run a series of interactive whiteboards, tablets, projectors and more, TRIUMPH Cloud is the unique online annotation software that can be used at any place with all the major operating systems.

Developed for use in group settings, DisplayNote allows users to share information and ideas instantly. Letting the user control their computer with a mobile device, the DisplayNote collaboration software can be used to enable wireless presentation, turn tablets into handheld whiteboards and collaborate with each other in real-time.

No message is complete without a powerful presentation which is why TRIUMPH BOARD has built its business on being “One Idea Ahead” in interactive solutions that enhance presentation effectiveness in a corporate environment.