With digital technology a must for modern educational facilities, schools and colleges across the UK can now reap the benefits of the very latest range of AV solutions for education and aftercare services from Kent-based Inspired Technology.

Accredited by market leading global brands, Inspired Technology offers a range of technologies that can make a real difference in classrooms across the UK. With products that are innovative, easy to use and proven to enhance teaching and learning, the company can meet the evolving needs of educational facilities and their students.

Whether your school or college needs an interactive display, a multi-touch LCD Screen, a digital signage solution, projection system, or school entry system, Inspired Technology can guide customers through each step of the process, from installation through to set-up and training, as well as providing comprehensive aftercare services.

“The implementation of digital technologies in education can be a minefield due to the rapid pace of change which is why it’s key to find a trustworthy and capable IT partner to handle your requirements,”  said Simon Bethel, Head of AV Solutions at Inspired Technology. “Our team can work with schools throughout this process from inception to delivery and beyond so your staff can focus on the job at hand, teaching.”

Experience has shown that by harnessing and embracing technology – computers, smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, social media platforms and networks, software applications and the internet – it can be used to the great benefit of teachers and learners alike.

With children so adept at digital technology it is a given that innovative audio visual and IT solutions are a must for modern educational facilities. Offering a growing range of audio visual technologies, Inspired Technology gives teachers the tools to bring subjects to life and is set to change the way schools and colleges think about learning.