About Us

    We are Inspired Technology Services, the premier 360° technology partner.
    We specialise in supporting businesses in the planning, acquisition, installation, management, utilisation and decommission of their technology, providing access to a high level of consultancy, engineering, support and procurement.

We have made it our business to provide the technology, systems and services that will sustain business enterprises of all sizes into a bright and profitable future.

We aspire to maintain market leadership as a reseller. We are accredited as a partner of respected global brands, but remain independent from ties to individual manufacturers and vendors.
We plan to retain a reputation for agility at the leading edge of our sector, despite demand for ever more reliable hardware, increased memory, processing power, storage capacity, improved mobile and wireless operability and security.
The continuing difficult trading environment has encouraged us to respond positively. We have acted to add value, offering creative ways to extend product life cycles and have designed new services to meet your ever-changing needs. We anticipate the challenges will continue.


Our business was established in 2002. Since the turn of the century, business enterprises have experienced unprecedented challenges from the global financial crisis and continuing economic uncertainty. Emerging trends for businesses to meet their social responsibilities, the advent of virtualisation and cloud services, and the increasing influence of social media networks, are challenging business models the world over.
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