eScan Anti Virus

MicroWorld develops Information Security solutions that provide protection against current and evolving cyber threats.

Their product portfolio includes eScan and MailScan that encompass Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Content Security, Anti-Spam, and Network Intrusion Prevention solutions.
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‘eScan have been an active contributor to the industry, providing information security solutions to combat complex and evolving IT threats.

MicroWorld’s products cover the entire security spectrum, making it a one-stop solution for protecting all your information security assets. Over the years, MicroWorld has been redefining the Information Security landscape by developing innovative technologies and solutions.
Their continued endeavor is to provide Futuristic Security Intelligence to computers; be it Enterprise, SMB, or Home segment.

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eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security

Guard your digital identity, secure your online communication, safeguard your sensitive financial transactions and stay away from spam and phishing emails with the reliable eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security. Not only get a safe web browsing experience and protection from malware and computer virus but also unleash the benefits of enhanced security from all kinds of evolving cyber-threats, such as viruses, Adware, Spyware, Trojans, and phishing attack.

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eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security for SMB

IT security is a concern faced by all businesses. Looking at the current cyber security landscape, evolving threats to network security and the innumerable challenges faced by SMBs are significantly similar to large enterprises. SMBs rely on technology and networks as much as any enterprise. Though larger businesses are well equipped with substantial resources to defend against network security threats, SMBs generally cannot afford dedicated
resources to handle the security of their network.

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eScan Corporate Edition with Hybrid Network Support

The eScan Corporate Edition (with Hybrid Network Support) safeguards your corporate network from all kinds of cyber threats. As Information Technology is a key backbone of any business, today IT security is considered as a pivotal part of business strategy by the organizations. With the constantly increasing threats in the cyber security landscape, protection of valuable intellectual property and business data against theft / misuse without interrupting business continuity is a critical issue.

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