what we do

What We Do

We are a leading 360 Degree Technology Partner for IT in Education and Business Providing IT products and IT services.

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We are proud to enjoy a close working relationship with all the vendors whom we work with. They include global brands, and selected niche manufacturers.

We use our independence to leverage competitive advantage. We find opportunities to negotiate a great deal, even when procurement policies dictate brands and specifications.

We are also able to source hard to find products; or offer end of range or discontinued items, if you want to extend product life cycles.

We welcome a challenge; and hope to have an opportunity to delight you with our more creative solutions.

Technology is seen as a commodity purchase. Sometimes it doesn’t require too much thought; but on other occasions purchase, standardisation, or upgrade of a business system can appear a daunting task. However complex it appears, we are ready to provide support, answer your questions and find a solution. All you have to do is ask.

solutions & services

Services & Solutions

Enjoy peace of mind by purchasing a comprehensive bespoke service package tailored to the needs of your business system and its users; or cherry pick any of our individual services to compliment your business objectives and extend the limits or constraints of manufacturer warranties. The choice is up to you.

customer service


In addition, we urge you not to underestimate the value of your personal relationship with our account manager and the rest of our team. The benefits you enjoy as one of our valued customers include:
• Support from our logistics team to track deliveries, order progress and returns
• Advice, support and issue management from a dedicated account manager
• A programme of events and workplace demonstrations
We draw on our world class product knowledge and experience to answer your questions. We always communicate with clarity. We plan to address hot topics in our events programme in the near future.