network security

Connectivity & Security

Routing and Switching architecture is at the heart of every network infrastructure.

Connectivity defines the reliability, security, effectiveness and efficiencies of the entire business. Inspired Technology offers custom and comprehensive networks including planning and design. We can also converge our architecture solution with existing infrastructures.


Network Security

A network administrator needs to prevent and monitor unauthorised access, misuse and modification by adopting the relevant provisions and policies. The number of potential security risks are increasing as the business environment becomes more connected. Inspired Technology enables clients to reduce their risk to network security violations by assessing and managing the network environment.



In a world where malware and ransomware is becoming more and more sophisticated every day, it is important that you never underestimate the true value water-tight Antivirus software adds to your business.
It is practically impossible for even the most tech savvy individual to avoid the many viruses that can attack our computers. Computer viruses are always evolving and there are always new ways of concealing them as seemingly harmless links/downloads. Once infected, viruses can delete information, hold computers up for ransom, and even take information from your computer. This can be detrimental to the security of you and your customers causing reputation damage and loss of business.

For these reasons we believe Antivirus software a necessary investment and should be integral element to your IT system. While free Antivirus options can seem appealing, this isn’t where you have room to cut costs, as free options tend to offer minimum level of support and require an investment of time to optimise on their already minimal potential. Inspired Technology Services can supply and install multifaceted antivirus software for your business, with solutions that act like a gateway to your computer – identifying threats posed and preventing them from infecting your PC.

Don’t expose yourself to the dangers of malware and ransomware. Speak to us about your options regarding antivirus software today.