cloud wifi

Cloud WiFi

With 80% of internet users owning a smart phone, it is critical for organisations of all sizes to offer wireless network access to their customers and employees. However, not everyone has the IT infrastructure in place to support a truly robust deployment.

Cloud WiFi bridges the gap.

Key Features

  • Monitoring

    Enables quick views of the health of the network, Access Points (AP), connected devices and alerts

    Provides detailed views of the AP status and client data

  • Remote Trouble Shooting

    Speeds problem resolution across multiple sites with easy drill down menus

    Enables IT to perform trouble shooting commands from the cloud

  • Simplified Deployment

    Accelerates large-scale deployments by configuring APs in groups

    Simplifies configuration by applying consistent configurations and firmware to a group of APs

    Offers flexible one-click firmware upgrades for all APs or a group of APs, using a cloud hosted firmware server

  • Reporting

    Creates scheduled or on-demand network and security reports

    Delivers PCI-compliance reports for compliance

  • One-Click Provisioning

    Downloads AP configurations from the cloud automatically

    Requires no local IT support; any person onsite can plug in and power up the APs.


Traditionally, on-site based WLAN controllers are used to manage who has access to what on the wireless network, but as the demand escalates, on-site solutions are becoming expensive to up-scale the capacity and cumbersome to manage.

To address this issue, Inspired Technology offer a scalable and versatile WLAN controller that is based in the cloud together with feature rich guest WiFi packages.

This eliminates the need for expensive on-site WLAN controllers and enables you to have a completely controlled, flexible and secure wireless network.

In addition to our Cloud Based WLAN controller, our solution offers these Guest WiFi features:

  • Social WiFi

    Using social media to improve your social presence is an important part of marketing in today’s society. Our Social WiFi system gives you the opportunity to engage and interact with customers immediately and in real time

  • WiFi Marketing

    Our solution provides fully brandable log in and landing pages, and gathers information that allows you to identify and segment your audience, create tailor-made campaigns and drive customer loyalty, repeat custom and sales

  • Presence Analytics

    Our ground-breaking presence analytics technology means that venues can finally understand their customers in the same way as the online world. Is a customer new or repeat, what is the footfall by hour, how loyal are my customers and many more insights regardless of whether they connect to the network.

  • WiFi Analytics

    Our analytics platform provides realtime customer data and insight. Secure and available at any time, a vast array of tools will help you analyse and segment your audience like never before.

  • WiFi Security & Legal

    We ensure your guest WiFi is legally compliant, i.e. that it adheres to current legislation on public wireless and internet usage. Public traffic is also separated from your internal networks enabling you to be safe, secure and protected.

  • Content Filtering

    Our Premium hotspots are content filtered; access to inappropriate websites is blocked and managed by us ensuring that your network is safe and family friendly.