iBoss FireSphere

The traditional approach to securing networks focuses on inbound threat blocking, which is essential, but blocking 100% of malware has become unrealistic.

Many security vendors have bolstered their inbound solutions by adding sandboxing, but some evasive malware is still getting through. iBoss FireSphere Advanced APT Defense offers multiple layers of protection that combine inbound security, including sandboxing, with active infection detection, to keep threats from entering your network, while ensuring your data doesn’t leave. And unlike many competitors, FireSphere ensures that you aren’t overwhelmed with alerts and false positives, by applying unique forensic technology that correlates and analyzes threats to deliver actionable intelligence, enabling you to quickly remediate problems before data loss occurs.

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Main Features

  • Cloud and On-Demand

    fs_sandboxingFireSphere Advanced Sandboxing employs proprietary technology designed to detect the malware created to evade detection by standard sandboxing solutions. It isolates and executes suspicious files in a safe environment, to deliver in-depth analysis of complex malware and polymorphic viruses. And unlike standard solutions, FireSphere’s automated cloud sandboxing scans across ALL files and URLs and includes an exclusive on-demand feature, to give you optimal behavioral intelligence on suspicious files and malware.

  • Anomaly Detection through Network Baselining

    fs_baseliningFireSphere Network Anomaly Detection leverages iboss visibility across all data channels and dynamically indexed data logs to help you establish network baselines for your organization. Your network traffic patterns are continuously monitored and compared to your baselines to identify anomalies that can signify the network has been compromised. FireSphere monitors and measures your traffic against parameters such as device category, number of bytes in or out, number of connections being attempted, device owner, geo-destination and more.

  • CISO Command Center

    fs_cisoFireSphere CISO Command Center correlates forensic threat intelligence from cloudsourcing across over 55 advanced malware engines and millions of endpoints to deliver the complete context of threats, giving you the actionable intelligence you need to remediate problems in real time. Rather than dealing with an overwhelming number of alerts and false positives, the CISO Command Center analyzes and prioritizes threats, saving you hours of IT research time and reducing data exfiltration.

Additional Benefits

Leveraging iboss unrivaled visibility across all 131 thousand data channels, FireSphere finds malware already on your network quickly, diminishing malware dwell time to help reduce data exfiltration.
Stops the spread of infections by network-wide scanning for infected machines and high-risk user behavior.
Analyzes and correlates cloudsourced threat intelligence from global signature/heuristic AV databases and millions of iboss endpoints to deliver forensic analysis and prioritized, actionable intelligence to the FireSphere CISO Command Center.