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Digital Signage

Digital signage in education provides a flexible way of communicating messages to staff, pupils and visitors. It is easy to use, cost effective and can be adapted to suit your institution’s individual needs.

We will help you choose the signage options that are best suited to you, as well as helping you pick the ideal locations for your signage – ensuring maximum potential engagement – and making sure your staff are trained and able to use the equipment with ease.
Our digital signage options offer vertical or horizontal playouts with built in apps that display things like the time, weather forecast, date, QR codes, RSS feeds and more. The potential for the uses of digital signage within a school, college or university is really endless and our solutions allow you to explore this potential to its full extent.

Uses Of Digital Signage In Education

Staffing updates and room changes – informing students of staffing changes and classroom/lecture hall changes
Changes to rules – keep your staff and students informed of any rule changes to make sure they are fairly enforced
Pupil achievements
Digital menu boards for your canteen – this can also incorporate essential Allergen information
Communicate emergency messages across a broad spectrum


  • “The fact we didn’t have to physically network any players was a real positive for me as it meant installation time was kept to a minimum. The Android players are so small we can attach them to the screens rather than to the wall.”
    IT Manager
  • “Using our existing TVs, we have been able to reduce the cost of running our screens by 50% whilst increasing the functionality of the devices. Our staff love the drag and drop nature of the software and just how fast the content updates (less than a minute).”
    IT Manager
  • “The system is just so simple to use, we can now add images and videos whenever we need to. Also the fact that it is cloud based means that nay member of the team can make the changes with varying levels of control”
    Marketing Manager

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