Firewall Penetration Testing

Designed to minimise the risk of intrusion attempts or unauthorised access to internal IT systems.

Our Firewall Penetration Testing Service is designed to ensure that Firewalls have been installed and configured in a best practice way and appropriate port security is in place.

The service is an important part of ‘Firewall Lifecycle management’ and is used to ratify security from the initial installation and throughout the lifetime of the device. The scope of the service is to conduct regular network perimeter device exploration and security audits.

Information Gathered by this Service

Which Firewall ports are open and why
A ports table (list the port number and protocol, service name & state)
Software version details (for vulnerability management
Supported IP protocols
Reverse DNS names
Device types
MAC addresses
Script scanning

The Benefits

Minimise the risks associated with new technology implementation
Confidence that your IT security perimeter devices are regularly analysed for potential weaknesses
An unobtrusive and stealthy service which ensures that the impact on business is kept to a minimum
This service can be delivered monthly or quarterly, with test reports delivered by email
Any changes or risks that have been introduced since the last Health Check are highlighted

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