Windows Server 2003 Migration

Have You Migrated Yet?

Microsoft ended support for Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015. Microsoft recommends a 4 step approach for Windows Server 2003 Migration projects; Discover; Assess; Target; Migrate

However, the amount of work required just to get to step 4 is a constraint for many organisations and delaying projects to migrate from Windows Server 2003.
This can have a dramatic impact on the security and stability on existing 2003 infrastructures.

What’s Included?

The Fast Track Service consists of 3 core components to address the first 3 migration steps:

  • Discover

    Software tools are deployed remotely to gather information from the existing Windows 2003 Server environment
    Catalogue all Windows Server 2003 based hardware, software, applications and licensing agreements
    Discover the dependencies on the Windows 2003 infrastructure
    Define the scope of the migration
    Capture the performance metrics of the current IT infrastructure

  • Assess

    Identify the owners and imact of each workload and application
    Create a migration profile for each workload and application
    Organise applications and workloads based on type, criticality, complexity and risk

  • Target

    Determine the most cost efficient and effective migration path and target for each system.
    Options considered include:
    Windows Server 2012;
    Microsoft Azure;
    Cloud OS Network;
    Microsoft Office 365


Inspired Technology Services’  Fast Track Windows Server 2003 Migration Service combines the latest discovery and assessment tools with Microsoft expert consultancy to deliver steps 1-3 within days, not weeks.

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