GDPR Consultancy

Make sure your businesses is in the best possible position for the EU’s GDPR legislation when it comes into force May 2018 with specialist GDPR Security Practitioners.

The Challenge of the GDPR

Due to the widely different data protection regulations within EU countries, the EU Commission has developed a new extensive directive on the storing of the data on EU citizens.  GDPR clarifies and expands upon the requirements outlined in the UK Data Protection Act 1998.  GDPR also introduces far tougher penalties for companies that infringe its regulations.  Its estimated to have a profound impact on the business world and thus it’s important to be prepared.

Our approach to GDPR compliancy

Many believe that the GDPR is just an IT issue, however, almost all departments within a business will store personal data. So, our view is that stakeholders from across your organization need to be made aware of the GDPR and how it will affect them. This differs from many other GDPR Consultancies who will charge you large sums of money to make sure the IT networks are secure, but without considering all the other personal data that a business stores. Including physical files.


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  • Phase 1: Understand

    There is then a flexible Fast Start service where our Security Practitioners will come into your place of work to run a workshop for business stakeholders and assess your GDPR readiness.

    This Fast Start Service takes up to 9 days, however can be shortened depending on the necessity for a full Security Posture Review. The stages of this are:

    • A GDPR Awareness Workshop (1 day): To educate and engage key business stakeholders.

    • A GDPR Readiness Assessment (3 days): Review your readiness against ICO’s ’12 steps to take now’ guidance.

    • A Security Posture Review (5 days): A review of your security systems against the NCSC’s ’10 Steps to Cyber Security’.

  • Phase 2: Define

    • After assessing your business, we will compile framework that your company should follow to become GDPR complaint.

    • We will also design an implementation plan so you have a detailed plan of the next steps your company should take.

  • Phase 3: Implement

    • Given the extensive research and analysis our GDPR Security Practitioners have performed, they will probably be in the best position to help facilitate any necessary hardware or software updates your system needs.

    • They can also offer personal data mapping that will give you an even clearer idea of where your data is being stored and any weak points in this system.

  • Phase 4: Manage

    • After we have updated your system we can offer ongoing data protection services and support.

    • This includes a DPO-as-a-service (Data Protection Officer) as we know that this is not a heavily sort role within a business.

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