Installation, Set Up and Aftercare

At Inspired Technology Services it is our aim to assist you where-ever your needs may lie from installation, set up and aftercare.

From the very beginning of this process we can help advise you on the best equipment for your specific needs, and can offer our expertise when it comes to the over-all design of your Audio Visual systems.

Delivery & Installation
We understand the stress involved in dealing with deliveries – especially that of the technical variety – when you’re trying to run a busy institution like a school or college.  We aim to make this process as hassle free as possible. With our asset disposal service we take on the responsibility of disposing of any redundant equipment so that you don’t have to, avoiding clutter and overstretched storage space/staff. In addition, our technical engineers  will work individually or with your IT team to install and set up your equipment.

Following this we can provide your staff with training to ensure they can capitalise on the potential of your new systems. We will ensure your staff are not intimidated by the technology and provide training that drastically reduces the chances of damage to your new equipment. This frees up the valuable time of IT staff while making sure that your staff are comfortable using the equipment you have invested in and able to use it with ease and efficiency – after all, that’s what Audio Visual solutions are all about.

However this isn’t where our work with you ends. We take a huge amount of pride in our level of customer service and subsequently strive to provide a level of aftercare that allows for total peace of mind for our customers – with you for the entire lifecycle of your solution. We will always be one phone call away, with professionals able to assist you over the phone as well as a highly skilled team of engineers available who will be with you as soon as possible should any problems that require our assistance occur.