Leasing Solutions

Everything we do is to allow our customers to make the most of their technology investment.

This includes how best to finance it. Leasing is the only funding solution that helps you increase your savings and benefits. Leasing Solutions remove obsolescence issues associated with purchase and all rentals are fully tax deductible.


If it appreciates buy it, but if it depreciates, Lease it.

Tax Relief

Your payments are 100% deductible against corporation tex. This means you can claim the operating cost of their technology investment as tax relief against company profits.

• Tax relief on payments

• Optimised cost of ownership

• Savings v’s cash purchase

Additional Benefits

  • Defer The First Payment By 3-6 Months

    • The customer gets their solution now but pays later
    • Procure now by leveraging future budget releases
    • Enable time to deliver ROI business plans
    • Enable time to deliver cost-neutral business plans
    • Align payment plans for new builds and fit-outs

  • Stage Payment Plans

    • Ideal for extended projects/rollouts
    • Finance contracts aligned with project milestones
    • Supplier payments released in stages
    • Customer payments increased in stages
    • Optimised cash flow for customer and supplier

  • Residual Value Plans

    • For educational, government, and corporate customers
    • Minimising monthly payment values over 3 years
    • Residual values can be fully underwritten
    • Residual values can be vendor/supplier supported
    • Established vendor/supplier approval program


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