Outsourcing your IT is tempting but problematic.  It may well save your company money, increase efficiency and give your business more time to focus on core activities but there are disadvantages.  Will outsourcing your tech work to foreign climbs have a detrimental effect on your business in the longer term, negating any of the positive advantages?

Once you have signed a contract for another company to do the work, you are effectively giving them managerial control over that work and they may well not be driven by the same standards.  Ultimately they will be driven by the profit gained and be motivated to reduce costs in order to maximise profits.  And despite a contract there will also be the hidden and additional costs of work which is not covered by the contract, which in the first instance would have been very specific.

There is also the consistency problem in terms of outsourcing project teams.  Initially this might be fine but a month later, you might find that part or all of the team has moved on and you have to wait for new staff to get up to speed with your business requirements.  This in turn might affect the quality of the work.

Confidentiality can be an issue when you consider that any data or confidential information that is transmitted to an outsourcing company can be compromised.  It’s vitally important to ensure that any data is protected and the contract has a penalty clause in the event an incident occurs.

When IT outsourcing is done well, it can bring specialist expertise and efficiency to your business challenges.  At Inspired, we make it our business to understand your business.  One of the key ways we do this is by working in tandem with your own in-house IT department, or acting as your virtual IT department, to ensure your business will benefit from a seamless service and rapid response.

Your IT system is crucial to the operation of the business and while at times it can be scary relying on an external company to manage your firm’s IT processes, Inspired has the experience and knowhow to mitigate those risks. Nothing should be left to chance.