The UK is a nation of DIYers but for every successful home improvement project there are countless stories of overconfidence and complete ineptitude, where people have tried to replicate what they have seen on television only for it to end in disaster. This habit of bypassing the experts is not always the best approach but is it a surprise that this have-a-go attitude also exists when people try to sort out their own IT problems?  But what is the cost to a small or medium sized business when they go down this path?

We have all opened up a jammed printer at some point or installed a piece of software but when your business relies on a robust and fully functioning IT infrastructure can you really afford the time to fix an issue that could be better spent concentrating on your business instead?  It’s ultimately the trade-off we all make when it comes to DIY – our time versus the cost of hiring the expert to do it.

A lack of IT knowledge can cause downtime or further problems down the line so a quick fix might well have far reaching consequences in the long term – anything from a hardware issue to a server problem.  But all of these problems could be fixed with a managed support service.

The best and most financial viable approach when your system breaks down is to go to an expert like Inspired Technology Services.  Offering technical support whenever you need it, the company’s engineers are available, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

With a vast stockholding of the most commonly  required  products  from the world’s leading IT manufacturers  –  HP Servers and Options, HP PCs, HP Laptops, HP Workstations, HP Monitors, HP Networking, HP Printers, Cisco, Lenovo, APC and Microsoft – Inspired Technology Services has many of the items in stock when you need them.

And in the unlikely event we don’t have what you need in our stock, we have access to a broad network of suppliers whose stock availability can be accessed at a click of a button. This allows us to set a realistic expectation for sourcing the part you need to solve your emergency.

You can also tap into a wide range of preventative support services such as data backup, firewall penetration testing, server and network monitoring, information security reviews and data access control audits to stop any issues happening in the first place.

We are all tempted by saving money but managing and maintaining your own IT is a false economy and costing businesses far more than they realise.  Don’t get stressed by technology, turn it over to the experts to ensure your IT brings you reliability, performance and the long term benefits it has always promised.