In the education sector, audio visual equipment makes a significant contribution to student learning by reinforcing the work of teachers, textbooks and practical exercises. With the rise of the internet, mobiles and touchscreen technology, schools, academies and colleges are tasked with engaging with their students in even more imaginative, collaborative and innovative ways.

With products that are innovative, easy to use and proven to enhance teaching and learning, TRIUMPH BOARD is changing the way students learn, think and communicate.  At the offices of Inspired Technology Services in Whitstable, Kent, a demonstration of the TRIUMPH BOARD highlighted a number of the system’s key features which ensures it meets the ever-evolving needs of educational facilities, their teachers and students of all ages.

The magic touch

It’s widely acknowledged that interactive touchscreens provide schools with an effective presentations tool for showing images, data, presentations and ideas. With student interaction such a crucial element in modern education, teachers can easily include their ‘audience’ in the lesson with direct computer control through the TRIUMPH BOARD.

First impressions of the screen are extremely positive. The demonstration is delivered on a top-of-the-line 84” screen, but the Inspired Technology Services team are quick to point out it is also available in 55”, 65” and 70” – with the 65” proving the most popular choice for classrooms. And with many schools still using interactive projectors after more than 5 years, the TRIUMPH BOARD offers an attractive proposition for schools looking to upgrade.

The TRIUMPH BOARD MULTI Touch LED LCD Android Series offers all the benefits of traditional interactive touchscreens as well as new features including ULTRA HD and FULL HD resolution, an embedded android board and integration with TRIUMPH CLOUD software. The 10 point touch screen allows multiple users, or an extremely dexterous single user, to make the most of both the screen size and its usability.

Originally designed and built for the education market, TRIUMPH BOARD has recently ventured into the corporate sector as a more interactive presentation tool. However, during this demonstration of its capabilities, it’s easy to see why the product is such a popular addition to classrooms for children of all ages.

Mounted onto a wall bracket that is barely noticeable, the screen itself can be lowered and raised with a single finger. And with children of all ages, heights and capabilities to consider, this offers additional peace of mind to the hardened glass which ensures the screen will withstand significant classroom abuse.

With the 65” screen weighing some 58kg, schools will be looking for assistance from Inspired Technology Services regarding both the installation and the long term safety of students. As well as supplying wall brackets, Inspired Technology Services will carry out site surveys to test the strength of the supporting wall – while the installation can then be carried out safely, quickly and efficiently after a school day.

Real-time compatibility

In recent years interactive learning has become even more flexible and portable with the rise of handheld tablets across UK classrooms. Acting as interactive textbooks that create endless learning possibilities, tablets like the MULTI Touch 8” from TRIUMPH BOARD are just as popular with teachers as they are with students.

Easily fitting into a child’s hand, the 8” Tablet is extremely lightweight, user-friendly and can meet the needs of students of any age. Specifically tailored to meet the needs of the education market, it also delivers all of the most important technological advantages to support effective learning.

The TRIUMPH BOARD’s multi-touch screen also collaborates with the teacher’s PC and students’ handheld devices to create a versatile learning format that works in real-time. As every edit is made, the screen display will instantly change to show the most up-to-date version available and prevent irritating delays.

TRIUMPH BOARD is a very mobile system. Utilising the TRIUMPH CLOUD, users can log in from anywhere and with any device to take advantage of what Inspired Technology Services describes as ‘offering everything you get with a PC, albeit on a very large screen.’ Whether using its standard tools, drawing tools, text or highlighters, teachers and students can use wireless access or an age-old Ethernet cable to put anything onto the huge, crystal-clear screen.

Although it can be used alongside a wide range of personal computers, it can also be supplied with a fully integrated personal computer. The TRIUMPH BOARD PC6A is equipped with an Intel® CoreTMi5 processor, Intel® graphics card and 4 GB RAM, while the TRIUMPH BOARD PC7A comes with an Intel® CoreTM i7 processor, Intel® graphics card and 8 GB RAM.

With robust and durable hardware and specific educational applications such as the unique TRIUMPH CLOUD online annotation software, the system helps to put the way that students learn into the hands of the education facility. And with 5000 mAh battery life, this allows additional time for learning without needing to be regularly recharged.

Inspired Technology Services is a market leading independent reseller of computer hardware and IT equipment in the UK. Offering a growing range of innovative technologies for the educational sector, Inspired Technology Services gives teachers the tools to bring subjects to life and is set to change the way schools and academies think about learning.


TRIUMPH BOARD is a company with a several-year tradition, engaged in the development and production of interactive presentation solutions and audio-visual equipment, selling to the educational and corporate sectors around the world.

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