Have you experienced problems ordering products outside of your regular suppliers’ range of core products? Have you found the delivery process from your suppliers to be slow or inconvenient for your employees?

At Inspired Technology Services, we have spent the last 15 years building our reputation around service & supply capability so outstanding that resellers would come to us when their existing channels failed them.

Having listened to anecdotal evidence from our customers, it has come to light that many IT companies have staff that are forced to wait days (and even sometimes weeks) to get quotes on items that are outside the ‘standard product set’. From these accounts, we can only assume that this is partly due to the fact that the majority of resellers have gradually reduced the resources dedicated to purchasing and logistics function – instead imposing inflexible administrative procedure that are designed to maintain their limited supply channel. Ultimately this means that their ability to source products rapidly is extremely limited and they are not able to rapidly set up commercial arrangements with new suppliers, causing a further delay in delivery.

The reluctance from even some of the largest IT resellers to hold any stock or undertake delivery themselves causes further delays for the customer. By instead outsourcing this service to their distribution partners, they ease administration and gain better commercial terms. The effect of this is detrimental to the overall delivery process as the distributor must await any missing components of stock to fulfil their order, and it also results in multiple deliveries at different times – with the client having to quality assure the components and book in each element separately.

What sets us apart at Inspired Technology Services is our team of 22 highly trained staff whose sole resolution is a continuous expansion and improvement of our service to ensure a flexible, comprehensive and responsive product supply.

We consider it our responsibility to accommodate your requirements and therefore employ administrative procedures that ensure we are able to find and use suppliers for the products you require within the shortest possible time. In addition to this we have established commercial arrangements with every principal distributor throughout Europe (as well as several hundred other suppliers, specialist stockists and purchasers of IT equipment). Our policy of maintaining maximum availability enables us to deliver your complete requirement in the shortest possible timeframe. Further enabling this service is our world-class warehousing and logistics HQ based in Kent – within easy access of London and Europe. With more than 99% of our orders delivered complete and on time, we would consider ourselves exemplary the field of responsive and complete service.

So if you have been suffering from problems with obtaining products outside your suppliers’ core products or delays and general inconvenience with deliveries, contact us at Inspired Technology Services and we will show you how we can help.